They killed Santa ! – 5 times over

Into their second year.  The legends even have a Facebook page.  The Caterham Mummers goup came together again.  That means a pub crawl!

Their pub crawl extended to an extra pub this year and a short performance in each.  A script waxing-lyrical, home-made costumes and some fire in their belly and they were off.

The Tablers love this as it is a family-friendly pub crawl of our dear Caterham and they get to see a hilarious act in each pub, then march to the next in a group with our very own drummer from Redhill Corp of Drums, to announce their arrival at each pup.  A awesome way to make sure you get served…. Quickly.


We need to plug the Redhill Corp of Drums .  Their band kindly lead the Caterham Fireworks Torchlight Procession each year from Westway library to Caterham Dene field.  It is a sight to behold and they will do so this again this year on Saturday 4th November 2017.

King and Queen – half way but full-measures

If you as an adult, or have a kid who wants to have a go at playing an instrument, the Redhill Corp of drums meet in Redhill and welcome new members. Details about joining are on their website.

Pub carpark rumble – like no other
They killed Santa – the sick f%$s

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