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barn dance 2019

Tonight’s the night!! Grab your partner by the hand!

After a very successful first year at Portley Manor, we are happy to announce that the Barn Dance will be returning on 15th June 2019

Caterham Festival Barn Dance set in the Grounds of Portley Manor.

Grab your cowboy boots!

Great fun for all the family. Raising the roof and money for Caterham Festival.
Following the huge success of our event last summer, we have decided to have round two of our Caterham Festival Barn Dance. We return to the perfect venue in the grounds of Portley Manor. It is an amazing tented space where you will find a live caller with his band Rogues Gallery to guide you through the steps.

You will see dancers of all ages and abilities, the dances are deliberately kept simple to allow newcomers to take part without any prior knowledge of the steps. Even if you have two left feet you can still have a whale of a time. The emphasis is on fun. For those not wanting/able to dance it will be great fun to watch and relax on hay bales listening to the music. There is the chance to catch up with friends, or tour the garden while the fun goes on.

Coyote Kate’s Bar will be open all evening, serving you beer and prosecco as well as soft drinks.
Tickets £15 for Adults and £10 for under 16s.
Each ticket entitles you to a gourmet burger (vegetarian option available) from the BBQ. Feel free to bring your own picnic.
Buy tickets online or COMMISSION FREE at:
JJ Browne & Son Ltd (Jewellers) -10 Godstone Road and Caterham Computer Solutions – 5 High Street Caterham

2017 June – shady questions

Whenever you get asked “What are you doing before work on Friday?” the eyes roll, but Tablers are a curios folk and ask “Why?”

The answer “help us put up a beer festival tent and we’ll make it worth  your while”.  3 were instantly available.

The task… One small marquee.  Childs play we say.  The 3 became just 2 with; Haydn and Rupert, on their way into their nearby office of South Anston Building & Property maintenance nailed it!

Nailed it!

Well done lads and we’ll keep the banter on WhatsApp, about the 1 drop out to ourselves.

Thanks to a little gesture, the Caterham Festival’s last night of the proms, Caterham Games, beer & prosecco festival was a success.  I’m sure Haydn and Rupert were compensated in some way.

Are you up for it ?

Why not find out what Round Table is all about.

We are the largest club for young men aged 18-45 in the world.  Just get in touch in our contact-Caterham-Table-page, we’ll do the rest.

Or if you live elsewhere, the RTBI website.  You really can #DoMore when you #DiscoverRoundTable

2017 May – Welcome to two new members

About 10 times a year, we do a business meeting, meal with a speaker of random topics.

Folk think we sit in formal lounge suits but think again people!  We’re casual, with jeans and a blue rugby the typical order of dress.  One individual, we have yet to see him in anything but shorts, even on the coldest of nights.

This meet we skipped the speaker as we wanted to get the inductions done of 2 new members in order to retire to the bar for a social welcome drink.  That way, with formalities aside, we socially welcome Andy and Gareth.

Welcome Andy and Gareth – our newest members

Andy was introduced via spouses who work together who came along as an invited guest, to a members and partners night, he just kept coming and is now well into the social scene.  Welcome, Andy.

Gareth was a dormant contact on Russ’ NCT group phone list.  Years on, now that the kids a bit older he is embracing the local lad social aspect very, very well.  He’s a popular carpool member having access to  7-seater, but tonight he was a passenger – he received our welcome-quarter-yard of ale and as any Welshman, the beer disappeared in one.  Welcome, Gareth.

If you are interested in seeing what Round Table is all about for yourself.  Our doors are open.  

We are the largest club for young men aged 18-45 in the world.  Just get in touch in our contact-Caterham-Table-page, we’ll do the rest.

Or if you live elsewhere, the RTBI website.  You really can #DoMore when you #DiscoverRoundTable

2017 June – Radio Stardom

BBC Radio Surrey have been doing an ‘in your town’ this month.


Visiting Caterham in their tour bus for a day, Glenn took time out form his duties at Computer Solutions and Andy Parr, the chairman of Caterham Festival did a great piece with the presenter.

Glen – plugging the Caterham Beer Festival 2017

Glen, covered how great he finds being involved with Caterham Round Table and other groups in the area.  A master stroke was that they were in the outside the Soper Hall, so managed to do a 2-minute shameless plug for the Caterham Beer festival, returning again this year on 17th and 18th November. Thanks Glen!  We will see you at the Beer Festival in November.

Andy talking about the Caterham Festival

Andy was interviewed about the Soper Hall, the Caterham Festival and its events, with a great plug for the successful ‘Waller Pain’ cycle hill climb and the Ghost Walk, that the Caterham Round Table laid on. Thanks Andy!

[Author : Tabler Tony]

Are you Interested in seeing what Round Table is all about ?

We are the largest club for young men aged 18-45 in the world.  Just get in touch in our contact-Caterham-Table-page, we’ll do the rest.

Or if you live elsewhere, the RTBI website.  You really can #DoMore when you #DiscoverRoundTable

June 2017 – street foam party

So the Caterham Festival’s most popular event was on again, and Caterham Round Table lads get stuck in.

The Street Party on Caterham on the Hill, sees all three shopping streets closed to traffic, with music stages and entertainment.

The Sun was shining, and Caterham Round Table decided to borrow a candy floss machine.  The business model is always flawed as most of the Tabler’s kids were keen to learn how to use it, then make more floss for themselves, while we chat and enjoy a beverage.  Never mind.


The purpose for us is to be in the pubic eye and provide an opportunity for Caterham lads aged 18-45 to introduce themselves and ask about where we meet, what we do, then arrange to attend as a guest to give it a go.  [Why they keep asking about special handshakes, we’re not sure. That’s not us, that’s another organisation]


5pm is Round Table’s time-to-shine when it is “Street foam” time.  Night clubs are small fry, cos we fill the whole street with foam.  Boom!

All possible as Tabler Glen, who runs the Computer Solutions shop in the High Street, gives us access to their power supply and mains water.  The photos speak for themselves. Cheers Glen!

  In full swing

street party foam

[Author : Tabler Tony]


Interested in seeing what Round Table is all about?

We are the largest club for young men aged 18-45 in the world.  Just get in touch in our contact-Caterham-Table-page, we’ll do the rest.

Or if you live elsewhere, the RTBI website.  You really can #DoMore when you #DiscoverRoundTable

Open Night – June 2017

Our doors are open, especially on our open-night.

As part of the Caterham Festival, we open the doors of Caterham Round Table. Anyone interested in Round Table can turn up, we lay on a buffet, some entertainment and buy drinks for anyone who turns up. So, not all bad.

The 12 active members hosted the four newcomers. Plus, ten old-timers who turn up at the mere sniff of free food and drink.

The buffet was plentiful, the Coulsdon Manor Hotel bar was accommodating, and the entertainment was awesome. Andrew Kelly, the close-up magician, can put Dynamo to shame and never fails to impress and baffle the lads.

Stunned by. the unbelievable Close up magic – by Andy

So it seems that we may have a couple of new members. One guest, we were in awe of dropped in after a day shift at work, a drink with us then onto the night-feeding shift of his new-born twins. Most of the lads can relate to his painful existence and look forward to seeing him surface in about a year’s time and buy him a drink. See you then 🙂

[Author: Tabler Tony]

Interested in seeing what Round Table is all about?
We are the largest club for young men aged 18-45 in the world.  Just get in touch in our contact-Caterham-Table-page, we’ll do the rest.
Or if you live elsewhere, the RTBI website.  You really can #DoMore when you #DiscoverRoundTable

May 2017 – May Monopoly pub crawl

OK, great news that we raised £105 from the participants of this year’s Monopoly Pub Crawl.  Every one got home intact.


The phrase of the day was ” You never ‘purchase’ a beer, you merely ‘rent’ it for a short while. “


Anyways….  21 brave souls, set out to play the Monopoly board for real, yep a drink in each pub on every street on the Monopoly board.  A 10 am start as soon as the first pub opens doors.


Those who think ‘a pint in each pub, seems simple‘ are quickly briefed by the veterans of previous years, who imparted their wisdom.  To limit yourself to half-pints in each as time is tight, choosing soft drinks in some (or most).  Also to skip the stations as you will need to make time to stop for food, travel between locations and of course, bladder stops.  Oh’… and avoid jail.


We started in Old Kent Road, then into Whitechapel, Kings Cross, Angel for a full breakfast, then more central into Pall Mall and Whitehall.  As the wisdom diminishes among the-few.  The-many, have the issued instruction booklet with a turn-by-turn set of directions.  All participants, are tagged like Paddington Bear himself, with a luggage tag with their home address and contact details – to refer to should the need arise.


So why do we do it?  Round Table is all about socialising with a purpose, whilst we see some of the sights of London.  A great example, was a Hotel that used to be a Court house, still with the holding cells as booths and the court room as a restaurant.  Awesome !


The winner of the night are the wise.  Those who know when to depart, those who can pace themselves and keep the walking pace up.  But it is not about who makes it to the end, it is all about participating and getting home safe and well.


The big beneficiaries are is the Breck Foundation who will receive the £105 donations, £5 from each participant.


The Breck Foundation is a great local charity with national ambitions and have the meaningful hashtag #PlayVirtualLiveReal.  Each February teenagers get to participate in a 24 Cycber-Silence called “Not Tech for Breck” . Where participants of all ages post go without all tech.  This can be done at anytime, during the ten day period –  ending on 17th February, the anniversary of Breck’s passing.


I think playing Monopoly Pub Crawl, we “played real” and played-safely, so we are all winners 😉

[Author : Tabler Tony]


[If you are interested in seeing what Round Table is all about, we are the largest club for young men aged 18-45 in the world.  Just get in touch in our contact-Caterham-Table-page, we’ll do the rest]. Or if you live elsewhere, the RTBI website.  You really can #DoMore when you #DiscoverRoundTable

Want to know more about the Breck Foundation and their work – go see their website.  Maybe buy some merchandise or the DVD of the BBC Documentary.

May 2017 – Mid month business

Our Second meet up of the month was a meal in our regular haunt of the Coulsdon Manor Hotel.  A speaker then discuss some business matters over a drink.

After a talk from guest speaker Richard Dean.  It was down to business.  But first a pee break and another round of drinks from the bar.

We welcomed a new guest, a prospective member and Tabler Tony received much mocking for forgetting to invite Phil back, who everyone liked during his first visit to the Fish&Chip night.

We received news that our esteemed and long-time veteran member of Round Table, Mr Any Parr MBE, was running as an independent Candidate for East Surrey .  We wished him well and Andy as always, promptly persuaded us to help deliver leaflets in places of East Surrey where they may have not hear of him.  Yes, it’s true.  As all of Caterham know him as Mr Caterham Festival, but elsewhere maybe not.

We highlighted the success of gaining a presence on MeetUp – a great website and app where we can list our public events and local people can RSVP their attendance.  So look out for that.

We decided on our involvement in the annual Caterham Festival Street Party on Sunday 4th June. And secured a pitch outside Computer Solutions shop in the High Street- “Thanks Glen.”

Paul – Sold some more Raffle tickets to win a Caterham7 car, raising funds for Sunnydown school in Caterham.  There are only 199 tickets, so the odds are better than the lottery and you need to be quick to secure your ticket now – See Sunnydown’s website to secure your ticket before the 3rd June raffle draw.

For those interested in dressing to impress. You’ve earned it!   You are all invited to Sunnydown Shchool’s Black Tie Cocktail & Canapés Fundraiser 2017 held in the historic building of the school and witness the much talked about, Caterham7 draw.  It’s great value at only £50 per ticket for something that rarely happens in Caterham.

May 2017 – “Speaker of the Lourdes”

Our Second meet up of the month was a meal in our regular haunt of the Coulsdon Manor Hotel.

Our guest speaker Richard Dean, who you may recognise as a regular face of or the Beer-o-de-change at the Caterham Beer Festivals, but professionally he is the face of Caterham Accountants  Tax4Today.  [He’s a trusted pair of hands for anyones financial affairs].

Richard spoke of his involvement the Purley branch of HCPT giving local kids with any variety of special needs or difficult family situations, a holiday to Lourdes, whilst also giving the kids families some respite.

The take-away message for the 25 Tablers there, was that the experience of being away from their routine home environment in a group really does change the lives of these young people.  Richard also spoke of the rewarding experience the volunteer carers have by being involved and why they volunteer year on year.

The charity needs £750 for each place, usually asking only for a very small donation form the parents (who may be in crisis anyway), the rest being raised through various fundraising efforts.

Richard spoke of the experience the volunteer Carers, who take the kids  and cover their own costs.

In a heartbeat the Round Table voted to release £750 form their Charitable Trust, to cover one place for a local child for 2018.   We also decided that if a volunteer carer is unable to fund themselves that they come speak to the Caterham Round Table to see if we can help further.

Another good night of beer food with the lads and being part of a decision to help out a local family and change their lives for the better.

May the 4th – Star wars day and future Caterham events

Get ready for the May-the-Forth-be-with-you social media frenzy.

Back in the real-world social network of Caterham Round Table… We started May with a social pub night, frequenting the Harrow Pub in Caterham for their £5 fish-n-chips meal deal.

We welcomed a handful of guests, who came to see what we are about and to meet the guys.  Whilst not a meeting as such, the smaller teams began discussing over a drink, the details for the upcoming their upcoming events.  There’s the Monopoly Pub Crawl, Dad’s-and-kids’ camp, Waller Pain Cycle Hillclimb, the Mummers Play pub tour and  not forgetting the big stuff on the far horizon of the Caterham Beer Festival and Caterham Fireworks.

The publican of the Harrow was kind enough to allow Paul to sell tickets to the customers for the raffle of a Caterham Car in aid of Sunnydown School (199 tickets at £100 each).

Better odds than the lottery!  Details on how to get your raffle ticket.

Be quick as quick as a Caterham car, as there are not many.

Also there are tickets left to go to the Black tie Ball.  That’s date-night sorted!   “You are welcome.”  🙂

See the details below in the flyer: