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Our Wednesday meeting, the Caterham Carnival and Waller Pain… A busy week ahead!

It was great to meet so many new people at last Sunday’s street party in Caterham High Street. The boat race was great fun, as always. Hopefully, some of you will come along to Wednesdays’ meeting (19:45, downstairs at the Surrey national Golf Club) when, amongst other things, we’ll be enjoying Andy Thomas telling us all about some of the latest conspiracy theories. Always a fascinating and thought provoking talk.

2013 Membership drive begins!

No, it’s not ‘Movember’ come early… Caterham Round Table is looking for new members to join the club.

The organisers of a number of noteworthy (some might say, notorious) local events such as the Festival Boat Race, the Dene Field Fireworks and Bonfire display and the Waller Pain Hill Climb, to name but a few, are looking for new members to swell their ranks.

Round Table rules dictate that new members will need to be young men aged under 45 (where else would a 40 something called called ‘a young man’, I wonder?). It helps if you’ve got a good sense of humour and are not afraid to muck in and help out at some of  the community events we get involved in too.  CRT is a really sociable club so meetings often involve a beer or two. We like members to attend as many meetings as possible but, we’re all working men, and realise that these days, work and home lives sometimes get in the way.

New Chairman for Round Table

Last Wednesday, Simon Edge (far right) was unanimously elected as the hon. Chairman of Caterham Round Table. Simon, seen here with Vice Chairman Rupert Greatwood, outgoing Chairman Peter Dommett, 41 Club Chairman Trevor Harris and President Barry Louvel, is well known in Caterham for his active involvement in many other organisations such as  the BNI group where he is a past Chapter Director, Caterham Scouts and the Caterham Festival committee.

Simon, who is of reduced height, has now started on a fitness campaign to improve his 6 pack.  He said ‘Being short allows me to look people in the eye when I am standing up.

Caterham blown off by Red Bull (yet again!)

Unfortunately our application to join in this years’ Red Bull Soapbox event at Alexander Palace was unsuccessful.

Looks like they didn’t like the idea of a bunch of middle aged men hurling themselves down the hill on the back of a dragon! Ah well, there’s always next year…

If anyone would still like to go to spectate at the event, tickets will be available from May 20th.

Former Caterham Round Tablers take on the World Marbles Championships

Once again, the Caterham Cowboys Marble team entered the world championships and, like last year, they made it through to the quarter finals and, like last year, they were knocked out by the Handcross 49ers in a nail bitingly close match.

The Caterham team consisted of Andy Self, Andy Parr, Callum O’Toole, Louis Bamber, Ben Blackmore and Mike Stephens. Top Cowboy marksman, Andy Self, again represented the team in the World individual championships where he came 8th.

Round Table to race at ‘Ally Pally’?

Caterham Round Table have posted a last minute entry for the Red Bull Soapbox race at Alexander Palace on July 14th. A four man team, including driver, has been entered with the (fag packet?) design of a ‘Dragon Racer’. Those who attended the Knights of the Round Table ball in 2012 will no doubt remember the huge dragon which was suspended over the stage.

The plan, if our entry is accepted, is to utilise this dragon’s head as an integral part of a new, radically designed, downhill racer.

Round Table presentation to The Orpheus Centre

The hundreds of guests who attended the ‘Bollywood Dreams’ charity ball at the Copthorne Effingham Park Hotel near Gatwick in January enjoyed a truly memorable evening. A huge number of people entered into the spirit of the event and arrived dressed in an array of stunning sarees and dazzling pyjamas. The entertainment was superb and included, amongst an illustrious group, Sir Richard Stilgoe performing an impromptu original song written on the night, the music and lyrics of this were later auctioned.

Oh What A Night!

Around 400 guests attended our ‘Bollywood Dreams’ charity ball at the Copthorne Effingham Park Hotel near Gatwick and were treated to a truly memorable evening. A huge number of people entered into the spirit of the event and dressed in an array of stunning sarees and dazzling pyjamas.

The pub with ‘our’ name

Pete McCarthy, author of ‘McCarthy’s Bar: A Journey of Discovery in Ireland’, believed that you should never walk past a bar with your name on it! So passionate was he about this, that he set about a quest to locate as many as possible during a trip round Ireland. It would appear that some members of Caterham Round Table live by the same mantra.